Color Analysis

Previously, systems of color analysis placed everyone in the entire world into one of the four rigid categories called "Winter, Summer, Autumn or Spring." Everyone in the entire world does not look one of four ways!  Colors Made Easy™ still uses those familiar names of "Winter, Summer, Autumn and Spring," now with over 100 types within each "season." The Colors Made Easy Personal Palette System™ has taken color analysis to a new level. This revolutionary new system takes you out of a box and frees you to experience your own unique grouping of colors.

It is fast, easy, and accurate.

It's COLORSmadeEasy™

Each palette contains over eighty-five colors before it is customized. There is an almost endless variety of ways a palette might be customized for you!

You are unique! Your palette of best colors is also unique, to YOU!

You could be ...

  • Bright, Contrasting Winter
  • Light, Cool Winter
  • Clear, Complex Spring
  • Deep, Warm Autumn
  • True, Refined Summer

...or one of more than 400 other variations!

$185  Women

  • skin care application with individually tailored recommendations.
  • make-up makeover with corrective measures, customized instructions, and a face chart so you can duplicate the techniques at home.
  • customized color palette of your own personal best colors, to use in selecting clothing, hair, make-up, interiors, or any other item that you want to be your best color.

$145  Men

  • skin care application with individually tailored recommendations.
  • customized color palette of your own personal best colors, to use in selecting clothing, hair, make-up, interiors, or any other item that you want to be your best color.

Also available are package prices

As important as it is to chose your most flattering colors, that is only the beginning.  Other important factors such as style, mood, proportion, and quality are in some ways MORE important than color choices.  Discovering your best colors however, is usually the best place to start.

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