Testimonials From Some of My Clients

Janet - I've been receiving non-stop compliments for the past two days since working with you.  One girl wanted to know where I got my jacket, another wanted to know where I got my handbag, and my hairstylist said she was obsessed with my plaid pants.  Some people I know who have worked with you asked me:  did you get Spanglerized? Thank you , Janet for your impeccable eye and for helping me look and feel fabulous!

Dear Janet - I am so excited to be working with you!  You are truly wonderful.  I will always appreciate your input and feedback!

Now that I'm doing classes and consultations on-line I wanted to be sure I was projecting a professional on-line image.  Janet did an amazing job.  What a difference!  Thank you, Janet!  I love my new on-line look!

I was contemplating a color change for my hair, and decided to book an appointment for a full color analysis first, with Janet Spangler.  I could see my skin get brighter, clearer, and dark circles disappear!  Now I know which hair colors will make my skin look its healthiest.  I even got a personalized color palette to take with me when I shop for clothing or makeup.  I love surrounding myself with MY very best colors!

You have a special gift, Janet.  You see beyond what is, to what can be ...

Not only  have I benefitted personally from Janet's advice, I have also really enjoyed seeing the transformations on those who have worked with her!  So Superb!

What makes Janet's makeovers outstanding is her unique ability to discover and create each client's unique, authentic style.  Its so much more than advising and updating someone to the current fashion trends.  She has a rare gift!

Janet is the BEST!!  I still use everything she taught me every single day.

Hi Janet - I wanted you to know how well the wardrobe you helped me select is working.  The time and money with you working on my wardrobe is one of the best investments have ever made in myself.  I am told I look fantastic and I love that I believe it, too.  I am self-confident at a core level.  I feel fantastic and that feels sooooo good.  I can relax ... which allows me to be generous and gracious with everyone I am with.  As I look at my wardrobe, including the special capsules you have helped me create for my business trips, I love every piece.  I always look forward to wearing the outfits we create.  So fun!!  Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

When you look good you feel good!  Especially when a "pro" like Janet has helped you.

I can not thank you enough Janet.  I feel as though my whole life has been changed in a very good way. I am feeling positively blessed and excited.  J.J.

Years ago Janet Spangler did sessions with the staff of the nonprofit where I work. We were all doing public presentations and were uneasy about looking our best as in, professional. One by one, she got all the women on staff into the right clothes and haircuts and makeup. Then she got the one guy on the team to change everything he wore! Her amazing skill made a big difference in everyone’s confidence and morale. So when I saw my hair go white during the pandemic shutdown, I decided to give my own morale the boost of Janet’s take on how this new white-haired person should dress and what to do with what looked like a no-definition cotton ball of hair. We Zoomed a session that had me pulling stuff out of my closet and holding it up to the lens so she could see each thing. Instead of dumping all my “blonde” clothes, she told me how to wear them in ways that would work now. And sent me pictures of ways to “lowlight” white hair. Just a few online purchases later, I had jewelry, a scarf, shirts, and a lip gloss that made it all work. Then one careful session in a great hairdresser’s chair, and I had the cut and definition that make the white work. My morale is through the roof. Which is a good thing in these times, right?