What would you like to say before you speak?

What would you like people to know and feel about you when you first walk into a room? Or, when you are seen in a video?

I can help your visual message be consistent with your verbal message. You will feel authentic, and look as credible as you are.

My specialty is working with people who are in the public eye. Today, that includes doing business online.

You ARE your message!

Janet Spangler posing in fuchsia business jacket

Consult With Janet Spangler

"When I see someone, I see how fabulous they are! (Even if they don't). It gives me great joy to help people discover their best and present it to others. Presenting their best, allows them to more easily pursue their calling in life with no inaccurate distractions. I can find the colors and styles that are most flattering to your skin-tone, facial features, and body - Including suggestions for hair, makeup, clothing, and even backgrounds for photos and videos. Let's work together, and bring out your best".-- Janet Spangler

As an Image Consultant for over 30 years, Janet holds the world record for personal color consultations! (So far, no challengers). Many of the thousands of clients Janet has helped are people in the public eye: national politicians, Fortune 500 Company executives, international pageant winners, and countless entrepreneurs. More and more people are capturing the "eye of the public" online, through videos, photos, and conference calls. Our image when we are at home is becoming our public image. Janet can help with that, too.Janet's experience helps her to help her clients: Keynote Speaker on "The Language of Dressing", Certified Personal Coach (CPC), Trainer of Image Consultants at Image Awareness ACADEMY, Creator COLORS made Easy Personal PaletteSystem™, radio broadcaster, fashion model for Nordstrom and other retailers, magazine photo-stylist, G.A. at the Dale Carnegie Course on Public Speaking and Human Relations, Mrs. Washington U.S., 1994.Janet SpanglerStyle Consultant Image Consultant Certified Coach (CPC) Trainer at ImageAwareness ACADEMY Creator COLORSmadeEasy Personal Palette System™ Founder ImageAwareness CENTER

Your Best Colors

"Janet - I've been receiving non-stop compliments for the past two days since working with you. ..."

"Dear Janet - I am so excited to be working with you!  You are truly wonderful.  I will always appreciate..."

"Now that I'm doing classes and consultations on-line I wanted to be sure I was projecting a professional..."

"I was contemplating a color change for my hair, and decided to book an appointment for a full color analysis..."

"You have a special gift, Janet.  You see beyond what is, to what can be ..."

"Not only  have I benefitted personally from Janet's advice, I have also really enjoyed seeing the..."

"What makes Janet's makeovers outstanding is her unique ability to discover and create each client's unique,..."

"Janet is the BEST!!  I still use everything she taught me every single day."

"Hi Janet - I wanted you to know how well the wardrobe you helped me select is working.  The time..."

"When you look good you feel good!  Especially when a pro like Janet has helped you."

"I can not thank you enough Janet.  I feel as though my whole life has been changed in a very good..."

"Years ago Janet Spangler did sessions with the staff of the nonprofit where I work. We were all doing..."